Blocked drains are a common problem in residential and commercial properties. They can cause a lot of headaches and even result in expensive drain repairs if left untreated. If you notice your sink, toilet or bathtub is clogged, there’s no need to panic. 

Here are some of the common causes of blocked drains:

Common causes of blocked drains

There are several common causes of blocked drains in Bracknell, which can be easily fixed.

Foreign objects

There are several ways that foreign objects can get into your drainage system. If you’ve recently had building work done on your property or have hired a new cleaner, they may have accidentally left something behind in the pipes. This could include tools or equipment from builders, such as hammers and saws; if these aren’t removed before they’re washed away with water down the drainpipe then they will cause blockages further down the line when they become lodged in an inaccessible place inside your sewerage system.

Foreign objects, such as food and grease, can cause blockages in drains. To prevent foreign objects from clogging your drain:

  • Avoid putting waste down the sink or toilet. This includes paper towels and tissues as well as food scraps like eggshells or bones. If you need help disposing of these items, ask a friend or neighbour for suggestions on where to take them.
  • Use a strainer when washing dishes so that small particles don’t go down the drain while you’re rinsing them off in the sink with hot water first before turning on cold water to wash dishes completely clean later on after all grease has been removed from surfaces (you’ll know when no more bubbles are coming out).

Grease and fat build-up

When people cook at home using oils and fats (such as olive oil), these substances end up being washed away down sinks without being properly disposed of first–which means they accumulate inside pipes over time until eventually forming solid clumps around any bends or curves located within them that prevent any further flow through those areas altogether! If this happens then it will mean trouble for whoever owns those properties because nobody wants their kitchen sink overflowing onto floors during dinner parties!

Grease and fat build-up is a common cause of blocked drains. Grease and fat can build up in your sink, shower and bathtubs and if left for too long will start to harden. This will then cause your drain to get blocked as it cannot flow properly through the pipes.

To prevent this from happening you should always be sure not to put any cooking oil down the sink or wash any dishes that have been cooked with oil in them down the sink. If you do need to clean up grease or oil then make sure you wipe it away with a cloth immediately so that none gets washed down into your drains where it may solidify over time causing blockages further down the line.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a common cause of blocked drains in Bracknell and they can grow through the drain, causing blockages. Tree roots can also damage pipes, which can lead to more serious issues like burst pipes or flooding. If you have a tree near your home with a large root system, then it’s best to keep an eye out for any signs of problems before they get too bad.

Sanitary towels and tampons 

If you are a woman and use tampons or sanitary towels, please dispose of them in a bin. Disposing them down the drain can cause serious trouble for your drainage system, which can also prove to be expensive. If you have a blocked drain, please contact your local plumber immediately.

Hair and soap scum

Hair and soap scum are two of the most common causes of blocked drains in Bracknell. Hair can get stuck in your drain pipes, causing them to become clogged up and overflow with water. If you’re using a shower or bath, then you should try not to leave any soaps or shampoos on the side of the tub where they might leak down into your plumbing system. The best way to prevent these blockages is by regularly cleaning out your pipes with a high-pressure jet wash that will dislodge any hair or other debris from inside them before it becomes too much trouble!

Collapsed or misaligned pipes

There are several common causes of blocked drains in Bracknell. One of the most common reasons is collapsed or misaligned pipes. These problems can occur when a pipe has been buried but has started to deteriorate over time due to age or damage by burrowing animals such as moles, rats or badgers.

If your home has old plumbing then this may be contributing towards blocked drains in Bracknell as well. When pipes have been buried for long periods they will often become damaged and begin leaking water around the joints where they meet up with other sections of piping inside walls or floors etcetera which leads us nicely to our next point…

How to fix blocked drains

If you’ve tried the methods above and your drain is still blocked, it’s time to call in a professional. There are several ways to do this. Consider using a drain cleaner. Drain cleaners are available at most hardware stores and supermarkets, but be sure to follow the directions carefully. If you don’t use enough of the product or leave it on too long, this could damage your pipes instead of unclogging them!

Plunge away with a plunger (or try some other DIY methods). You may be able to clear out some blockages yourself using basic tools like plungers and rods made specifically for use on drains. Just be aware that some clogs might require more effort than others, and if that’s the case, don’t force anything down there!

Prevention tips

  • Use a bin to dispose of waste rather than flushing it down the drain.
  • Use a strainer to catch food scraps.
  • Don’t pour fats, oil or grease down the sink. They will solidify and block pipes if they are allowed to cool slowly in drains.
  • Don’t flush sanitary towels or tampons down toilets as they can cause blockages due to their size and also damage internal plumbing systems by clogging up drainage pipes with fibres which increase the risk of corrosion within these pipes over time if left untreated quickly enough before any serious damage occurs within your home’s drainage system as well as increasing risk of flooding whilst trying unblock it yourself without professional help from local plumber services who know what they’re doing when working on blocked drains Bracknell area where I live so please call now before things get worse!

In a nutshell

It is important to take care of your drains and avoid blockages. If you notice any signs of a blocked drain in Bracknell, contact us immediately for emergency plumbing services.

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